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Chardon Pool

Admission Fee

Pool pass is needed unless paying daily admission fee.

Other Link Purchase Pool Passes ONLINE
Type of Admission:                                        City of Chardon Residents       Non-Residents
Season Family Pass                                                                   $125              $180
($10 charge per family member beyond 5)
Season Husband/Wife Pass                                                       $80                $120
Season Adult Pass                                                                     $60                $95
Season Youth Pass                                                                    $40                 $65
Adult General Admission (afternoon)                                         $5                   $5
Adult General Admission (evening)                                            $3                   $3
Youth General Admission (afternoon)                                         $4                   $4
Youth General Admission (evening)                                            $2                   $2
Adult Lap Swim                                                                            $3                   $3
Tag Replacement                                                                       $20                 $20

Pool passes may be purchased online. New or updated photos for the ID cards may be taken at the pool or at City Hall. M-F 8a-5p.