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Posted on: February 16, 2021

FirstEnergy Begins Preparing for Potential Outages Before Weather Hits

FirstEnergy's operating companies begin preparing for potential outages long before severe weather hits.

When storms or other severe weather is forecast, we activate formal readiness plans to ensure plenty of service crews are prepared to tackle the damage. Additional linemen, dispatching staff, and other field personnel usually are put on alert too, ready to be mobilized if needed. We also increase the customer service staff at our contact center to handle a potentially large volume of calls.

Additionally, while employees at FirstEnergy's ten operating companies are more than capable of handling most outages, we have pre-arranged mutual assistance relationships with other neighboring electric utilities to help us restore power more quickly in the most extreme outage situations. They help us, and we help them, as needs arise.

With these preparations in place, dispatchers at our regional Distribution and Transmission Operations Centers monitor weather forecasts from our company meteorologists and the National Weather Service around the clock. They watch for early signs of storms that may damage our lines or equipment, causing outages.

Click here to see how FirstEnergy meteorologists help the company prepare for and respond to severe weather.

Click here to see a video of our storm restoration process

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Outage Management System

When a customer contacts us to report a power outage, the data enters into our Outage Management System, or OMS. This system automatically evaluates the pattern of reported outages and determines the likely location of the trouble. A regional dispatcher then sends a crew to the probable trouble location to determine the extent of the problem and repair it as quickly and safely as possible.

The OMS works best when it receives plenty of information to analyze. Even if a neighbor has already reported power being out, you should report your outage, too.  The more reports we receive, the more accurately we can determine the extent of the outage and its cause.  We've made it easy to report your outage:

If you see a downed wire, assume it is carrying electricity, keep yourself and others away, and call us immediately at 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) or call 9-1-1.  Click here for more tips to stay safe when a wire is down.

Tips for Power Outages - From First Energy
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