Solicitor's Permit

Is a Canvasing/Solicitation Permit required?

  1. Any organization that is going door-to-door at private residences within the City of Chardon in order to sell a good or service is required to obtain a Canvasing/Solicitation Permit. 
  2. The permit does not provide permission to solicit where notice of No Solicitation or No Trespass has been provided by the property owner.

Application Fee

  1. There is a $50.00 Canvasing/Solicitation Permit fee per individual.
  2. Background checks are required for any individual selling goods or services.

Documentation Required

  1. Completed Application for Peddling/Solicitation Permit with accurate information and signature.
  2. Two passport photographs per individual must accompany the completed application.  (passport photographs may be obtained through Rite Aid or CVS)

Application procedures

  1. Complete Solicitor's Permit (obtained on-line or from Police Department)
  2. Return application along with $50 application fee and two passport photographs to the Police Department: 111 Water Street, Chardon, OH.
  3. Each individual who will be going door-to-door must come in person to complete a background check.
  4. Permit expires 1 year after date of issuance.