All persons are subject to the rules, regulations, and guidelines of Chardon Municipal Cemetery as adopted by the City of Chardon Council Service Committee and approved by Council.

General Guidelines
  • The purchase or resale of graves and crypts must be made through the office of the Cemetery Clerk for the purpose of record.
  • All graves and crypts are purchased at the prevailing rate.
  • The resale of currently deeded graves and crypts is made at the original purchase price. Cash, check, and money order are acceptable methods of payment.
  • Burials and interments are not permitted on any legal holiday as observed by the City of Chardon. Construction of above ground vaults or tombs is prohibited.
  • Trees or shrubs may not be planted without prior written approval from the City of Chardon Council Service Committee.
  • Fences, hedges, curbing and enclosures of any kind around lots or graves are prohibited.
  • Flowers may be planted on an individual grave. The flowers must be placed adjacent to the headstone and extend no more than 12 inches from said monument onto the grave. A shepherd's staff with hook for a basket of flowers may be placed on a grave adjacent to the headstone monument. The basket of flowers shall hang over the appropriate grave. All flowers must be properly cared for throughout the season or they will be removed by the Cemetery Sexton.
  • Individual choice in ornamentation and improvement of graves will be respected. However, any ornament or grave improvement other than the planting of flowers stated in the paragraph above will be subject to prior written approval of the City Manager or designee. No burial will be made without the provision for a permanent marking of the grave or crypt.
Decoration Guidelines
All winter decorations, including but not limited to wreaths and crosses, may be placed on or after November 15 and be displayed through March 15. Any decoration remaining after March 15 will be disposed of by the Cemetery Sexton. Holiday decorations placed between March 15 and November 15 must be removed 48 hours after the holiday, or they will be disposed of by the Cemetery Sexton.

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