Living & Visiting

  1. City Maps

    Browse through various maps of the city.

  2. Heritage House

    View information on making a donation or purchasing a brick paver to the Chardon Heritage House.

  3. History

    Read a brief history of the City of Chardon.

  4. Municipal Tax Information

    Check out information on the city tax rate, taxable income, and property taxes.

  5. New Resident Resources

    Look through important phone numbers for our community.

  6. Newsletter

    Read through past issues of the City of Chardon Newsletter.

  7. Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council

    Access information on the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC).

  8. Recreation Department

    Discover city facilities and current recreation opportunities.

  9. Recycling Collection Events

    Look for upcoming recycling collection events in our area.

  10. Sister City - Johnstown, Ohio

    Learn about our sister city, Johnston, Ohio.

  11. Snowfall

    Check out information on the amount of snow we have received in the city.

  12. Contests

    Check and see if any community contests are taking place!