Apply For

  1. City Jobs

    Discover current employment opportunities in the City of Chardon.

  2. Pool Meter

    Request a pool meter for filling your pool.

  3. Retail Grant Program

    Learn about the Retail Business Grant Program available to new and existing retail businesses in the city.

  4. Sign Permit

    Fill out the sign permit application to request to display a sign.

  5. Site Development Permit

    Complete a site development permit application if you are planning a construction project.

  6. Zoning Certificate Application

    Access information on applying for residential, commercial, or industrial construction.

  7. Municipal Sidewalk Program Permit Application

    Municipal Sidewalk Program Permit Application for self-repair or contractor repair.

  8. Division of Streets Permit Application

    Work replacing sidewalk, driveways, drive aprons, parking lots and storm sewers, will require this permit be filled out and returned with appropriate permit fees.

  9. Division of Water & Wastewater Permit Application

    Work for sanitary sewers, water lines and tap in, are required to fill out this permit application and return it with appropriate permit fees.