1. Heritage House Sculpture

    Matthew Albright, a Chardon native, has proposed building a sculpture for the new Heritage House. Visit the Heritage House page to read the full proposal and take an opinion poll on the sculpture! http://www.chardon.cc/169/Heritage-House Read More
  2. Chardon Named the "#4 Best Towns in Ohio"

    Niche Ranks has name Chardon the 4th best towns to live in. Niche provides ranks for colleges, K-12 schools and neighborhoods. Check it out! https://local.niche.com/rankings/towns/best-towns/s/ohio/ Read More
  3. 2014 Annual Report

    The 2014 annual report highlights key initiatives, projects, programs, and events that occurred in 2014. Read More
  4. Brush Collection Program

    The City is again conducting a residential curbside brush collection program, which is funded through the Shade Tree Assessment. Read More
  5. The Official Launch of The Chardon Living Memorial Park Fundraising Effort

    The Chardon Living Memorial Park was conceived by a group of community supporters that suffered a tragedy and wanted to give something back to the survivors and the community. Read More
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