1. Brush Collection Program

    The City is again conducting a residential curbside brush collection program, which is funded through the Shade Tree Assessment. Read More
  2. Spring Leaf Collection

    Chardon City residents are notified that the City will conduct a spring leaf collection program. Read More
  3. Heritage House Receives a New Look!

    Encouraged by the voices of residents and those that once called Chardon home, City leaders have taken note of the suggestions and restyled the exterior of the Heritage House. Read More
  4. City Income Tax Filing

    REMINDER: All residents are required to file yearly Municipal Income Tax returns by April 15, even if no tax is due. For filing requirements, visit www.RITAOhio.com or call 1-800-860-7482.
  5. Phone Scam

    Authorities are warning of a phone scam that has hit several people in Bay Village. Read More
  6. Geauga Trumbull 2015 Schedule of Events

    The 2015 Schedule is now available. Read More
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